Jan 17, 2008


Fairbanks got 8-10 inches of snow last night, in less than 6 hours (according to Jim Brader on APRN this morning)!! I took the camera out for a spin downtown at lunchtime, still need to finish reading the 150-page manual...This is where I work - the borough building.

Jan 6, 2008

skiing in the new year

I had to work new year's eve, yuck. But luckily Dan and Lee rented Lower Angel Creek cabin which is an easy 3-mile ski from Chena Hot Springs Rd. We made it to the cabin ~6pm. Lee, Dan, Jason, Inari had a great fire going already. We ate a delicious curry dinner, followed by decadent chocolate cake, wine, scotch, and played Carcassonne right up to midnight. Thankfully Lee had set her alarm, otherwise we might have missed it, we were so immersed in the game. We set off some poppers - whose confetti does not burn so well - but that's about it. Fairly tame evening for new year's, but that seems to be the trend as i get older. fun with long exposures:
The next 'morning' Sandy, Dan, Mike and I and the two dogs, Dasha and Safira, went for a gorgeous ski on the creek. The trail wasn't in great condition b/c of snow machine bumps, so we opted for Angel Creek instead, a good choice!
still some open water: dasha:

happy 2008!

Jan 4, 2008

all i got for christmas was...

a Nikon 10 MP D40x digital SLR! woo woo!
plus a bunch of other great presents!