Feb 11, 2008

baby, it's warm outside

Currently, a balmy +2°f!

It's been an exciting few weeks of weather here in Fairbanks. For January, Fairbanks bounced more than 80 degrees between the highest and lowest observed temperatures! On the 22nd, the high of 37°F tied the record for that date and was also the high for the month, while the low of -44°F was on the 26th, only 4 days later. The past couple of weeks have been chill.y.

With the deep freeze we get a lot of fun challenges, including some new joys of home ownership - frozen water pipes, radiant floor and high electricity bills! Here's Mike thawing the sewer pipe.

Ice fog is a daily occurrence: ...but so are beautiful frosty trees:

I check the Alaska Climate Research Center almost daily for forecasts, records and charts - and it's got a great webcam if you want to see what the IARC parking lot looks like at any time. You can see we got pretty close to the record low last week, but we are now on the upswing!
For fantastic stories and photos on weather, check Ed's blog!