Aug 20, 2008

more wedding photos...


Thomas, Yiming's boyfriend, was our photographer and he did a great job capturing most of the people there!  We have more photos, these are just about half of the 'professional' ones.  Thomas has a great blog with more excellent photos at

Aug 18, 2008

post-monsoon mt healy hike

The clouds finally cleared and on my last day of freedom before school started up again, Amanda, Brook and I went for a hike up Mt. Healy - a beautiful, easily-accessed, view-filled hike just south of the town of Healy.  Mike and I have done this hike in the fall, spring and summer, and the difficulty varies with the wind speed...  This time there was NO wind, few clouds, cool folds, screeching marmots and cute pikas, and major sunshine. 

Aug 11, 2008

Our fun summer wedding

Well, this summer I've switched careers (again) and Mike and I got married, so it's been a busy and awesome summer.  Hence the blog hiatus (again).  We haven't gotten photos back from the wedding yet, but our friend Lindsay got good shots of the bride and groom, separately:

Lots of friends and family helped out to make it a successful wedding - gorgeous flowers by Mike's mom and thanks to Gretchen at Pearl Creek Farms, delicious Russian food by Lena's mom, a pretty cake by Lindsay, salmon caught by Bernie and grilled by Mike C., loads of kitchen help by Mike's sisters Sarah and Jenny, drinks by Allen, decorations by Aly, Steph, Chrissy and Julia, hair by Chrissy, makeup by Ash, suit by Hugo Boss, and dress by Wai-Ching.   Just about everyone who came to the wedding pitched in and did something to bring it all together... so many people made it really wonderful!!

It was probably really lucky that the Two Rivers triathlon was moved to the Angel Rocks trail the night before the wedding (the final straw that made us change the location) because the 30-year record rain made for a super mucky hike and fireweed was barely out this August.  The Cloudberry was a perfectly cozy and beautiful location for the ceremony on a rainy and cold 'summer' day.