Dec 28, 2008

Winter is moving fast this year

We had a really fun day just before Christmas in Chicago with Mike's sister Sara and her husband Allen:We took the train from Aurora IL to downtown Chicago, here's Mike in Union Station:These stairs are famous for the final scene in The Untouchables, when a baby carriage (with the baby in it) goes careening down the steps in the midst of the final shootout. It's been named one of the "Greatest Moments in Film History":The "Bean" in Millenium Park is SO COOL:
It was pretty darn chilly in Chicago too, the Chicago River reminded me of the Antarctic coastline:
A nice day of xc skiing near Skiland. We found two benches hidden behind an outcrop in the woods:
Upper Angel Creek ski trip earlier this winter:
with Kristen and Justin and Kita:
Full Moon on Ookpik Way: