Jun 29, 2009

Shoup Glacier

paddle takes 4 hours or less depending how often you have to pee" - Dea. We headed out of Valdez to kayak out to Shoup Bay, but got a later start since some of us had to take the self-rescue class in the morning. (dry suits really do work!) The afternoon start had us paddling into strong winds and current, so it actually took close to 7 hours to get out to the cabin. High tide meant we avoided the portage into Shoup Bay, but we were all pretty beat by the time we got there. Kittiwake Cabin offers an awesome view of the glacier right from the window!We set out the next morning for a closer look at the glacier...
Looking out from inside the cave:
Anthony - glaciologist, pHd - had been to the Shoup a few years before and said the glacier had changed a
lot. In fact, it can hardly be considered a tidewater glacier anymore because it's barely in the water. Anthony and Kristen looking water sporty:All in all, an awesome trip with amazing scenery and fantastic company! The water/weather was even stormier on the way home, but it took half the time riding the big swells back into port.

Jun 1, 2009


Oops, another long hiatus from blogging. It was a very busy Spring with the end of the teaching program, but now it's over, thankfully. Mike's sister had a cute baby girl, Michaila, in March! So we now collectively have 5 nieces and nephews. We visited my family in Texas in May. The other big news is that Mike and Matisse finally became friends, although in this picture Matisse looks like he is hungry for a Wisconsinian:The dogs found a pretty big turtle in the backyard:My brother and Ash had a fun Memorial Day party, complete with a jumping castle for the kids. Reid and Vance got some last jumps in the following morning. This summer I have been enjoying my freedom while Mike works the mine grind. Although he doesn't seem to mind it, besides the long bus ride and having to stay out there all week. It would be great if he could come home every night!