Aug 28, 2009

Some Summer Pics

We are finally headed out today for our summer vacation. Mike took a whole week off so we're headed south to Seward with Talkeetna, Anchorage, Whittier stops along the way... So although we haven't had an actual vacation, we've had a great summer - gardening, a few day hikes, barbecuing on the deck. Most importantly, very little work on the house! A nice change from last summer.
Our garden (lettuce, chard, beets, cabbage, (cukes died early)):
Tomatoes and basil in the little greenhouse:
Sun-lit cabbage leaf:
Norma taught me this great trick of laying blueberries/raspberries out on the cookie sheet so that they freeze individually before putting them in a big ziploc for the freezer. These are all from our yard! Bad-ass Mike with the berries:

Aug 18, 2009

The plane is on fire?

F-18s in the hangar at Eielson AFB. Watching these planes take off and land was pretty cool, and really loud!
This sign cracks me up because it seems like it's for the birds:I love this tilty tree out by the OSS (Operations Support Squadron) building:So the gravity surveys ended with a bang. Well, with flames anyway. Here are the pilots just before our right engine caught fire!!
The sortof order of events, within 4 minutes or so: weird sound in the headsets, fumes, flames, fire extinguisher, right engine shut down, right propeller stopped. Then a while trying to decide where to land with our single engine. We were way out by Bettles, which is about 200 km from Eielson. The pilots decided to fly all the way back, but there was a lot of discussion of alternate landing sites the whole way.

The landing was actually very smooth, and the entire Air Force fire brigade was out on the tarmac waiting for us. Here's our plane getting towed off the tarmac once we got back to Eielson:I got to ride in the tow truck!
Left engine:Right engine:This is about half of our group, some of the pilots swtiched out halfway through the survey. Navy in the green camo color. Mechanic in black, NOAA peeps in blue. Left to right: Tim, Mike, Bob, Adam, Theresa, Keith, me. Thanks for an exciting season!