Apr 22, 2010

Love means nothing to a tennis player

We had a fun (albeit cloudy and windy) tennis game with my brother's family in Round Rock. My two little nephews were really good despite some McEnroe antics after a few whiffs. I went into the bushes after a tennis ball, and found 8! None of which was the one we lost. Got a bit of poison ivy in the process, but it was well worth it.

Apr 20, 2010

crawfish carnage

It's crawfish season in Texas too. Delicious little critters - like miniature lobster. Even the claw meat is good, although you're lucky to get a piece bigger than a dime.

Apr 18, 2010

anatolian shepherds - lean, mean, barking machines

Took a quick, busy trip to Texas. Visited the family in Houston and Round Rock, then off to Ben and April's wedding in Beuscher State Park.  The air was pretty cool for April in south Texas, but still warmer than April in Interior Alaska. Plus it was bluebonnet season! - and poppies (well, they looked like white poppies anyway) and Indian paintbrush.  Beautiful! The trip was good, but really hectic. Too much to accomplish in 7 days.

Here is one chill day walking the dogs at my mom & Richard's in Tomball.  Left to right: Safi, Saya, and Matisse. They are all the same (pure) breed, but look rather different I think. After 5 years of intimidation, Mike and Matisse are finally buddies! It was a piece of grilled hamburger that ultimately did the trick. Mike finally got his hackles down and stopped snarling.

(ps. I know back-blogging is sortof cheating, but whatever.)

Apr 5, 2010

gray jay-z

The gray jays at Angel Rocks are obviously very used to people leaving a few crumbs behind at the vista point.

Apr 2, 2010

fond memories of fire drills

Friday 4 pm + sunny, warm Spring day + fire alarm = coincidence?  Turns out the Physics Journal Club is to blame for this one.  Thank you, Physics Journal Club!