Sep 21, 2010

Mike vs the Equinox

Mike ran his 5th Equinox Marathon last weekend - 5 years since his 4th - in a PR of 3:51 to place 33rd out of the men. Way to go Mike! I think I'm more proud than he is. It was an absolutely glorious fall day on the trails, 40 degrees at the start, 65 at the finish, blue skies, sunshine, birch trees the whole way.

The first Olympic marathon was run in 1896, and the first women's Olympic event wasn't held until almost a century later, in 1984! This was the 48th running of the Equinox marathon in Fairbanks. Over 4000 feet of elevation gain over the course. It's a toughie.

Pre-race bravado
Late-race fatigue (around mile 23)
Post-race relief?
Stop taking pictures of me or I'll make you run the ultra next year.