Jan 4, 2011

Class B Fun

Mike and I finally skied a loop in the White Mountains just northeast of Fairbanks. There are a dozen BLM cabins that can be rented out for $25 a night, with 7-15 miles between each one. We'd both been out to the White Mtns Recreation Area a handful of times for a day ski or one night each time, but wanted to get further out.... This holiday trip we were out for 5 days/4 nights, and skied 60 miles total, with a rest day on day 3. Will calls this Class B fun, where it's fun when it's over.

The first day we skied 20 miles to Borealis Cabin where it was -38F. Freakin' Cold!! Thankfully it warmed up and we were in the -20F range for a couple of days, then -10F for the last couple of days. Had some stiff winds from Caribou Bluff to Colorado Creek, where the windswept landscape reminded me of Antarctic skiing days.  Saw tons of wolf, caribou and moose tracks, but the only live animals we saw were ptarmigan and rabbits. and I am 90% sure - in my frozen, tired, sore, hungry state on the first night, in the dark - I saw a wolverine. A solid 90%.

Even before it was over, we knew we were having fun (Class A), and by the time we got to the car, we were already nostalgic for the peace and quiet of snowy mountain ski trails.

Very snowy at the start
The best cabin: Caribou Bluff
Endless bags of snow to melt for water
Chillin' in the cabin

Fixing my down booties for the 87th time
UCO 9-hour candles rock!

Mike on the trail

Short days